Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh my precious....(jk)

We got our things from America last week too! I am so happy. It is so great to have some things around that make our apt feel even more like home. They also had my precious crate and barrel things :) :) :) None of it broke either I was really excited. Oh all the boxes are opened because we had to look through them while the delivery guys were still there to report anything missing or broken. Well I just wanted you all to share my excitement!!!


Turns out these little babies are only like an hour away from us...who knew. We had a fun little excursion last week. There is nothing around them though, they are in the middle of fields and hills. They are pretty impressive to see though.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

St Giles Fair

It is a really fun week to be in Oxford first we have the St Giles fair. The city closes one of the main streets downtown for this fair. It was fun to just go and walk around and get some cotton candy (which they call candy floss here). Alan got a hot dog and was so excited for it! They don't really have hot dogs.
Then this up coming weekend is Oxford Open Doors. It is a two day event where the city "opens it's doors" for free (free being the reason I am excited). We have our whole weekend planned out, going around visiting all the oxford sites that we have yet to see. We are most excited to go into some of the university buildings that aren't usually even open to the public. I am sure I will have more pictures from that.
On another note, please be praying for the youth outreach coming up. We have to get approved by the police to have it. One of the steps in this process is a british background check but the company that does them is saying that we haven't been in the UK long enough to have one. So we are trying to work all of that out. Pray that it all gets sorted and that we can get this out reach going :) Also we have a praise that we have a venue to have it in, which is an answered prayer.