Thursday, August 21, 2008


My favorite sister spent the summer in TX and I missed her so. While she was gone my mom and I decided to update her room. These pictures do not do it justice! Especially if you've saw it before... shudder... We painted it tan with randomized pink stripes and got new decorations too. It is hard to get a decent whole room shot, but hopefully I can get one soon and post it. She had no idea waht we do, so when we brought her home from the airport she was a tad bit shocked, it was great! I am SO glad she's home!

David, Rachel and Emmie Jackson...

These are the Jacksons, they are a wonderful family of THREE. They also happen to be some of Alan and I's best friends and we love'em a lot. Rachel is about 71/2 months pregnant here.

My favorite thing about this picture is when Alan saw this picture he said "Whoa...where did they get that huge E it's like the size of David" Lol...silly husband.
Hallie's E made it into quite a few pictures.
OK, go easy on me, last week our computer got a huge virus, and didn't work anymore. So from that we no longer have photoshop (...for now) I am a little bitter at our dumb computer, so just don't judge to harshly :(

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is what I feel like every time I think of, go to , hear the word, dream about the beach. I love it all, I just want to jump for joy and run down into the water. So if you are going to the beach bring me!!! (Alan too)
We have had an awesome summer! God has been so faithful. I can remember a time not to long ago being so stressed that summer was coming because we had a zillion things to plan for. And while there have been stressful and overwhelming time, it was so good to trust God through it all. The only thing this summer needs is another trek down the hill and into the sea.

Lexi Frederick came to the beachday with the Jr Highers, she is one of my favorite little people. If you know her at all you are blessed by her. Her warm heart and love for people is so refreshing! I wish I was more like Lexi :) Not only does she have this awesome heart she is to stinkin cute!

Yesssss!!! I got one. Katie would not let me take her picture, but no worries I can be sneaky, I know you guys are shocked but it's true :) I had to take a lot of pictures of this girl to get one where she wasn't covering her face!

I love when Stacey comes on our beachdays!
Mikey the Mermaid

All in all it was a good trip, fun peoeple, awesome Lexi, Clue, catching seagles...or trying to, mermaids, texting, taking pictures, boogie boarding, and starbucks. Now thats a good day at the beach!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Lord's business...

I feel like I have been thinking a lot lately, some of you say about time! What I mean is that I have been very contemplative lately about, about....well everything. Yesterday Todd Arnett gave a great sermon! And I don't remember what it was that he said but it reminded me of an "old" (when I say I old I mean 6 years ago when I was in high school...hehe) quote that I use to love (and still do). Danny Gardner once used it in a sermon and it had a very big impact on my life, way of thinking, and way of relating to people. Anywho here it is...

" Many Christian acts I do on earth I will also do in Heaven. I pray. I will pray in Heaven. I sing. I will sing in Heaven. I serve God. I will serve God in Heaven. There is one thing I will not be able to in Heaven: bring the lost to Jesus. I will be to late. My heart must be set aflame for the lost now. We must be all about our Father's business."

Now looking at it there are probably quite a few reasons this could have popped into my head yesterday. Could you think of some :) I jut wanted to share...We really do love you guys and are so thankful for your prayers!

Oh yeah... that quote is from Sammy Tippet's "A Fire in their Heart's"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Emmie Kate Jackson, we are excited for you to come!

Today Katheryn, Missy and I threw Rachel a baby shower. It was really fun and hopefully blessed Rachel. Here a some pictures from today...

She got A LOT of pink things! I don't think was a present that wasn't pink!

Emmie's Nursery is decorated with brown and pink lady bugs so that was a subtle theme. Missy made these AMAZING ladybug cupcakes that were so cute and a big hit!

Presents are so much fun!

Yay! We are so excited for Emmie Kate Jackson to get here! Rachel's due date is September 26th! Please be praying for the Jackson's as they prepair for Emmie!

New Blog...

Hey everyone, I have started a new blog! It's called "Stepping Stones to Wales"And the URL is I am still going to be posting on this one, the waleswatching one will be primarily about the ministry in Wales and the process of getting to Wales. Hope you like it!