Thursday, August 21, 2008

David, Rachel and Emmie Jackson...

These are the Jacksons, they are a wonderful family of THREE. They also happen to be some of Alan and I's best friends and we love'em a lot. Rachel is about 71/2 months pregnant here.

My favorite thing about this picture is when Alan saw this picture he said "Whoa...where did they get that huge E it's like the size of David" Lol...silly husband.
Hallie's E made it into quite a few pictures.
OK, go easy on me, last week our computer got a huge virus, and didn't work anymore. So from that we no longer have photoshop (...for now) I am a little bitter at our dumb computer, so just don't judge to harshly :(

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G-Unit said...

Really really great ideas Anna!!

Jill said...

Love the one with the sun behind her...great timing

Missy said...

Love the last one! Great job!