Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 in 1!

That's right 3 blog posts in roughly 1 month! Not quite sure what's come over me. ;) I'm actually blogging from my phone! Watch out :) 
I'm officially 26 weeks (and 1 day) preg! Yes the 1 extra day counts! Time is going by at a snails pace! But there are lots of little bench marks coming up so I'm hoping (like a lot) that time hurries itself up! Everyone keeps telling me not to wish this time away and to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong I do love it. (Well to be completely honest, I only love most of it ;) I like feeling him wiggle and kick and throw little 1am parties in my tummy. But seriously this can't be better than meeting our little guy! I've never wanted to meet someone so badly in my entire life! So yep I still hope these last 14 weeks go by in a flash. And if he wants to come a week or two early I'd be down with that. 
Not too much going on since my last post. Just life. Ya know that amazing gift from The Lord. ;) We do have lots coming up though! A few days up in York for a pastors conference. York is absolutely gorgeous. I could go on and on about York but I'll hopefully get around to posting some pics so you can just see for yourself. Also Andrew & Carolyn are coming for a visit! (Happy dance inserted here) Super excited about that! July is going to be awesome. :-D 
Here are a couple recent pics from my phone. 

Mr Silas Michael is coming along nicely. Everything is looking good or so said my Dr on last Tuesday. Got to here his little heart which I love. He got mad/curious at the Dr though and started kicking/punching the Doppler (heart beat thinga-ma-jig is its technical name). 

So dang cute! We got to go spend a couple nights in Cardiff a week or two ago. It was so nice to see our peeps, it had been way way to long! This pic is after a brother who shall remain nameless insulted tinker bell. The cuteness factor is maxed out in this girl. 

P.S. I'm writing this at nearly 2am.... Shhh don't tell Alan. It's Silas' 1 am parties to blame ;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I was pretty rubbish at taking lots of pics in York. I liked this one from my phone though. It's not hard to imagine from this picture what it would have been like a long time ago before cars and other modern conveniences. There are lots of streets like this one full of restaurants, shops and cafes. We had a nice time up there. I always like spending as much time as possible with my hubby and to have him off work for two extra days this week was a treat. Well we were there for a conference so we did have to go to that but I still got to be with him. :) I also love staying at hotels, you don't have to cook or clean and you cant even feel like you should be doing those things because you can't! If you ever get a chance to go to York take it! You won't be disappointed. It is beautiful, quirky and quintessentially English.  
And now my brother and sister in laws are coming in a week from today!!! Oh I should probably start getting ready for that. ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happiness is marrying your best friend!

Six incredible, crazy, fun, memorable, wonderful years! 
Yep yep yep it's an anniversary post. :) I could not have dreamed six years ago how much I would grow to love my husband! So if you aren't in the mood for that mushy love stuff stop reading now it's only going to get worse. xxx 

Six Things Alan and Anna Agree on:
1) That every year has only brought us closer to the Lord and each other.
2) God really does have it under control! He's always way too good to us and has provided our every need and lots of our wants too. 
3)There is no one either of us would rather hang out with, every thing is always better together.
4) We love our Monday Starbucks and Bible Study.
5) Our lives should be in the service of our Lord and His Church.
6) That Chipotle is and always will be our favourite. It could be that our first date was there but it also tastes like utopia exploding in your mouth. ;)

Six Reasons Why He's So Good For Me
1) I could not imagine the Lord blessing me with the kind of love Alan shows me each and every day. I am consistently overwhelmed with not only God's love but Alan's too. 
2) Alan truly cares about my spiritual life and loving me like Christ loves the church. He's the best accountability.
3) He is so responsible! Where I can sometimes procrastinate and be a tad careless he's got it all covered. I always feel like he knows what he's doing and trust him totally. (And so thankful he is good with money!)
4) Oh man that man is patient. God knew I would need that. 
5) I always smile more when he's around. 
6) He is super smart, and knows God's Word really well. He is always blessing me with that knowledge. When someone talks about the Bible as much as he does it rubs off. So thankful that he's going to be the father of my children, so it can rub off on all of us. 

Six Reasons Why She's So Good For Me (I had to defer to him for this one!)
1) She's a prayer warrior.  When I'm on the go, go, go she's on her knees.
2) When I worry, she doesn't stress.  Her great faith and trust in the Lord is inspiring and refreshing.
3) Not a day goes by without an encouraging word from my wife.
4) The Kitchen is her creative studio and my culinary wonderland.  Never has a guinea pig been such an eager participant.  
5) We love all the same things!  Talk about M.F.E.O. (see Sleepless in Seattle)
6) She's going to be the best mother.  God has so well prepared her and I am consistently stunned at her wealth of baby knowledge.  Never heard of colic?  Anna has.  How long until they eat solid food?  Anna knows. What's the second verse of that obscure children's song?  Never fear, Anna's here.

Six Things We Are Looking Forward To
1) Silas, Silas, Silas! We cannot wait to meet this little dude! 
2) What the Lord is going to do in us, our lives, and in our little family.
3) Growing old together. 
4) The day after our 22nd Anniversary, we'll have lived longer together than apart.
5) Taking our kids to Disneyland for the first time.
6) Teaching God's Word to our children.

Six Things We Did On Our Sixth Anniversary
1) Went shopping for Silas! 
2) Went to Starbucks and had a Bible study. :) 
3) Drove through the beautiful blooming countryside. 
4) Saw a movie. (Great Gatsby) 
5) Had some amazing Chinese food! 
6) Talked about the last six years and how thankful we are for each and every day.