Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 in 1!

That's right 3 blog posts in roughly 1 month! Not quite sure what's come over me. ;) I'm actually blogging from my phone! Watch out :) 
I'm officially 26 weeks (and 1 day) preg! Yes the 1 extra day counts! Time is going by at a snails pace! But there are lots of little bench marks coming up so I'm hoping (like a lot) that time hurries itself up! Everyone keeps telling me not to wish this time away and to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong I do love it. (Well to be completely honest, I only love most of it ;) I like feeling him wiggle and kick and throw little 1am parties in my tummy. But seriously this can't be better than meeting our little guy! I've never wanted to meet someone so badly in my entire life! So yep I still hope these last 14 weeks go by in a flash. And if he wants to come a week or two early I'd be down with that. 
Not too much going on since my last post. Just life. Ya know that amazing gift from The Lord. ;) We do have lots coming up though! A few days up in York for a pastors conference. York is absolutely gorgeous. I could go on and on about York but I'll hopefully get around to posting some pics so you can just see for yourself. Also Andrew & Carolyn are coming for a visit! (Happy dance inserted here) Super excited about that! July is going to be awesome. :-D 
Here are a couple recent pics from my phone. 

Mr Silas Michael is coming along nicely. Everything is looking good or so said my Dr on last Tuesday. Got to here his little heart which I love. He got mad/curious at the Dr though and started kicking/punching the Doppler (heart beat thinga-ma-jig is its technical name). 

So dang cute! We got to go spend a couple nights in Cardiff a week or two ago. It was so nice to see our peeps, it had been way way to long! This pic is after a brother who shall remain nameless insulted tinker bell. The cuteness factor is maxed out in this girl. 

P.S. I'm writing this at nearly 2am.... Shhh don't tell Alan. It's Silas' 1 am parties to blame ;)

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