Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Boy

So… I guess it's been a while since I blogged! O.o 
Oh well, I thought I'd come on here and say…we're having a baby boy!!! I know everyone who reads this already knows but I wanted to record this for posterity's sake. 

This is the little skittle at our 8 week ultra sound! 

This was him at our 12 week ultra sound. 

This was him at 20 weeks where we found out he was a HE! (Even though I knew it all along ;)

Here's just one more from the 20 week scan. We had an amazingly wonderful ultra sound tech at this scan and I was sooo thankful because our 12 week guy was lame and not very helpful. Everything looks great and he's pretty much straight down the line average size and length. All except his tummy which is more on the robust side, I think the ultra sound tech called it cuddly. Now we don't have anymore scans  (well unless something goes wrong so hopefully no more) and the next time I get to see my little guy is when he's be born!!! :-0

Let's see. What to remember for later? 
I first felt him move on April 19th at just over 16 weeks. 
Alan felt him give some good strong kicks today! May 31st (just over 22 weeks) in fact we could see my whole stomach move today. 
Whenever Alan talks to him he goes nuts!  He can hear his dad's voice and at church when Alan's teaching or doing worship the little guy starts moving.  It's pretty cute.  
He also acts up sometimes when Alan's not talking to him.  He's a wiggler and a kicker, that's for sure. I feel like this week he's awake a lot more. He always seems to be moving. Which of course I love! (Except for when he kicks me in the bladder, that's not so cute.)
I'm feeling really good but time is dragging on so slowly! Hopefully as summer starts it picks up the pace a little. 
He seems to like spicy food because that's all I want to eat (that and an In & Out cheeseburger. Maybe it's a good thing there aren't any here.) 
He goes absolutely bonkers if I have any caffeine. 
I'm sure I'll think of loads later but right now I'm hungry! Hopefully I'll post more about our little guy but knowing me, who knows!