Friday, August 20, 2010

It's not that I am slacking :)

Ready for a super random post? Like I said in the post title, I'm not slacking on posting it's just that I haven't been taking pictures. And  Alan was ill for a little while, and now I am have caught this wonderful cold as well; and really who wants a picture taken when you feel like your head is going to blow up or deflate? 

Alan spoke in church this past weekend, and did great! (Oh I love him so) He spoke on evangelism and when is that topic not convicting? He is also going to teach at our church's Christmas service as well! We're excited. Next weekend we are headed to our youth retreat, and I am really excited. I've already told parents I would post some pictures from it, so I will have to follow through,  so you may not have to wait as long in-between posts. Not that you wait in high suspense for my little posts. :)

Earlier this week (pre cold) I went for lunch with a friend (which ended up consisting of ice cream :).  We spotted a very cute little store called POD. It had some seriously cute random things in it. It is one of those small little boutique stores that are fun to poke around in. I found this little drawing of the store on-line, so it might disappear. But it's on the high street here, it has lots of great little things for gifts. I've already plotted how to drag Alan in there :)
I also want to say an extra Happy Birthday to my mama! I hope you had a really good day out with Tim. Love you lots and lots. Ummm can you come visit? I miss you. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love summer

I love youth trips :) It was so fun to have one again! Last summer we were still pretty new to the whole living in England thing so we weren't able to do any proper summer youth activities. Since we are now pro's at this living in a foreign land thing (not so much, but we make it work :) we were able to whip up some stuff for this summer. Here is Calvary Chapel Oxford's first summer youth trip ever! We went to Thorpe Park (kinda like a six flags) and had lots of fun. I included a couple of pictures of some youth who I know parents won't mind me putting on my blog.

Ryno (pronounced Ray-nu) and Jake getting off a ride

Leana and I in line for a ride. No we aren't burnt, we took Alan's little camera with us and the colouring is off. It was a great trip for us all to hang out and have fun. We only had one hick up the whole day. One of the other girls was carsick on the way to the park. I will spare you the details...but I am surprised it hasn't happened to us before with all the trips we've taken.
 In just a couple of weeks we are going to camp :) I am really excited. This camp looks really good. It's a small camp but they have some great speakers from Answers in Genesis and New Tribes Mission. 
 In just 3 sundays Alan will be speaking in Big Church :) Please pray for him if you think about it. I am so weird, I get more nervous for him than he does. I think I know how nervous I would be if I had to speak in front of that many people and for some reason I get that nervous for him as well. I know he'll do great though, he is pretty amazing. 
This morning I enrolled in a photography class! I am really excited. It's a twelve week class and I will definitely let you know how it goes and hopefully post some of my assignments on here.