Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014


He loves that Dinosaur. I love that intertube thing. He's pretty good at sitting up by himself better every day actually but it's nice that I don't have to hover over him constantly if he falls he just bumps into the tube and pushes himself back up. It has crinkly bits hanging off of it too and apparently crinkly things are like crack to babies. You can also load that thing up with toys and books and it entertains him long enough for me to do my hair and make up. :) I like that. 

London, Sharks and Chipotle

For Alan's birthday we went to the London aquarium and I surprised him with a special Shark Feeding "Experience" he loved it. If you know Alan very well you know he has a weird love of sharks. He might like shark week more than Christmas so this was right up his alley. 

Aquariums are dark and you can't use a flash so everything comes out a little blury on an iPhone which is a shame because a lot of the animals are beautiful. 

Here's some of the shark stuff. There were 12 sharks. Between 3ft and one was over 9 feet. It's was a lot of shark. Basically you put big fish at the end of a pole and the sharks attack it. A few times Alan said it was hard to hold onto the pole which of course he loved.  

Silas loved the lights, colourful fish and other sea creatures. It was a super relaxing and great day out. 

Silas picked up a thing or two from his Shark buddies. We of course went to Chipotle for dinner :) 

Little Lorax

Man he looks cute in everything! 

Sunday Best

Couldn't you eat this face??? Do you spy his little teeth? This was the outfit he rocked at church. Everyone loved it. They said he looked very American which is funny because he wore that hat and suspenders in America and everyone said he looked British. It's all perspective I guess. 
Baby feet are the best! 
Ah the bond between father and son. So precious. 
Bahaha! :) He clearly is a daddy's boy. Don't worry I love watching them together. ;) 

Six Months!

I know every mother every where says this but time goes so quickly with babies! It's one of those universal truths that seems to cross cultures and continents. Babies grow quickly and develop crazy fast. You blink and they're sitting up and eating! I can't believe how perfectly Si fits into our little family. We love him so much! Now I don't want to seem like everything is perfect all the time. It's definitely not. All three of us get grumpy and have bad days. The three weeks after we got back from CA were doosies. Si had so much going on it was crazy! He had jetlag, an infection for which he had antibiotics that made his tummy upset, he had a growth spurt, he all of a sudden needed to start solids because he was sooo hungry even after his growth spurt, he got two teeth! It was just a lot. But thankfully we've had a reprieve from all that craziness and we're back on schedule. Praise The Lord! 

Food glorious food...

My big little guy just keeps growing. We've been on "solids" for a few weeks. He's an awesome little eater most days other days he couldn't care less (especially about pears). We've tried baby rice, baby porridge, (it's what the English call their oatmeal not like what Americans call porridge) carrots and pears. He's too cute I can't stand it. I just want to eat him!