Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I heart Downton Abby

We got to go visit Highclere Castle (where they film Downton Abby) today with Andrew and Carolyn. It was so fun, although a little hot for my preggoness but gorgeous none the less. My wonderful in-laws told us about it we had no idea it was so close to wear we live. (Only about 45 min away) 
All of us in front of the main house. It's a little smaller than the magical movie angles make it look but it's still huge! 
This is Alan's proper English face ;) 
The gardens were absolutely gorgeous! I love English gardens. 
Me finding a shady spot. I know all you Ca peeps are going to mock me but it was SO hot today. (Even our family from Bakersfield  agreed) It was only like 88 degrees but the humidity was killer. I had lots of cold drinks and a wonderful hubby who kept me company in the shade. :)