Friday, December 20, 2013

Just can't get enough

Just can't get enough of this sweet boy! He loves to just lay on our bed and "talk" to me. I love that I can always get him to smile at me. :) 
Silas I love how you kick your legs and wave your hands when you get excited. You have the cutest expressions and I want to eat your face! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A dad and his boy

Getting festive 

This boy loves his daddy! 

He also loves when his daddy plays his guitar for him. He's entertained for days I tell you. 

Popeye Baby

Popeyes face still happening. It's like he's trying to wink and smile at the same time. But he's like a billion times cuter than the real popeye. 

Eating him up

I love that face and could just stare at it all day long! I also love the sheets in his crib. 

Could you not just eat that little face? 

Thanksgiving 2013

Si's first Thanksgiving! There is a reason why he's not wearing trousers. Poopsplosion 2013 happened but I wanted a family pic. Hey you work with whatcha got. 

Bath Time

He's ok in the bath. He likes it about 50% of the time. The rest of the time he screams bloody murder. 

Happy Boy

The Boy Keeps Growing

He makes this pop eye face a lot. Like I said all pictures are from my phone and we have the worst lighting ever in our house. 

He's definitely smiling now. Cutest thing eva. 

Mom why are you always pointing that thing at me? 

The Mustachifier

So some friends from Az sent us a pretty awesome pacifier called the mustachifier. We wanted to be able to send them a pic of Silas with it. But it was still too big for him. I think it's 6months plus. He decided that he didn't want this huge thing in his mouth so we had a giggling/screaming few minutes while we tried to get a decent picture. Alan and I were giggling and Si was screaming. Poor Si. But I can't wait till he can rock this thing for realsy. 

If the mustache part was blonde he'd look like the lorax. 

The boy grows

So not a great picture of Silas he's a bit squished and uncomfortable looking but the only one we have of the three of us. the week Silas was dedicated. 

He smiles! Not sure if it was "real" yet but we were still in love with it. 

He's starting to look more and more like me or so Alan is convinced. It's hard for me to see unless I'm looking at a baby picture of me then I can kinda see it. 

Out for a walk. I love that hat and am always trying to build outfits around being able to wear it. 

He loves his playmate. Here he was just looking and taking it all in. Now he's batting at things like crazy and kicking away. 

Ok so it's a horrible picture. But how cute is his sad face!!! He is exceptionally good with that bottom lip pout. 

Top Middle

His many sleeping faces. 

Silas & Zachary

Silas meets Zachary his first friend. 

Little Buccaneer

Alan introducing a week old Silas to football and our team. Silas is upset his team never winds! 

First few days

First few days home are a blur of happiness, tiredness and unsuredness. We were so incredibly happy to have our baby boy finally with us. So tired that the first week we didn't know what day or time it was and pretty much just guessing on all the parent stuff. ;) 

Time to go home

Going home time! It was so weird taking him home. I remember when. We pulled in thinking how weird it was that it was his home too. 

Family Time

The very first picture of Alan with his son. Not an amazing shot but special. 

First family photo the next morning. 

Alan loves his boy, loves being a daddy, and loves just soaking it all in. 

He is the sweetest sleeper. I love those lips! 

Delivery Room

First picture of our little Si. Came out screaming. He was really comfty in there. Hence the 12 days late! 

Alan trimming the chord down. 

The first time I got to hold him about 30 min after he was born. They had put him on me just after he was born but I couldn't hold him. This was the first real snuggle. 

Look at those cheeks! At 9 1/2 Ib's and 22 1/2 inches long he was quite the chunker. :) 


The last time Alan took pictures of my belly. Little did we know there was a mini man in there!