Monday, April 28, 2014

London, Sharks and Chipotle

For Alan's birthday we went to the London aquarium and I surprised him with a special Shark Feeding "Experience" he loved it. If you know Alan very well you know he has a weird love of sharks. He might like shark week more than Christmas so this was right up his alley. 

Aquariums are dark and you can't use a flash so everything comes out a little blury on an iPhone which is a shame because a lot of the animals are beautiful. 

Here's some of the shark stuff. There were 12 sharks. Between 3ft and one was over 9 feet. It's was a lot of shark. Basically you put big fish at the end of a pole and the sharks attack it. A few times Alan said it was hard to hold onto the pole which of course he loved.  

Silas loved the lights, colourful fish and other sea creatures. It was a super relaxing and great day out. 

Silas picked up a thing or two from his Shark buddies. We of course went to Chipotle for dinner :) 

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