Monday, April 28, 2014

Six Months!

I know every mother every where says this but time goes so quickly with babies! It's one of those universal truths that seems to cross cultures and continents. Babies grow quickly and develop crazy fast. You blink and they're sitting up and eating! I can't believe how perfectly Si fits into our little family. We love him so much! Now I don't want to seem like everything is perfect all the time. It's definitely not. All three of us get grumpy and have bad days. The three weeks after we got back from CA were doosies. Si had so much going on it was crazy! He had jetlag, an infection for which he had antibiotics that made his tummy upset, he had a growth spurt, he all of a sudden needed to start solids because he was sooo hungry even after his growth spurt, he got two teeth! It was just a lot. But thankfully we've had a reprieve from all that craziness and we're back on schedule. Praise The Lord! 

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CD said...

You are so smart and he is so delicious!!!