Wednesday, March 26, 2008 fun!

Easter is fun, not just because dresses are pretty, candy is yummy, and family is good, but mostly because of the good reminder of our Savior. It is so good to dwell on the rising of Jesus. I wish easter was everyweek. Here are a couple of pictures from Easter with the new family. They're fun and cute... good combo.

Alan & Ethan

Cambria doesn't want to share her candy with Rocky!

Carolyn with Rosie...the newest edition.

Pensive Alan.

Grandpa Dunn :)

I love his freckles!

Opening presents...

Kaelyn was super cute in her Easter dress!

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G-Unit said...

Ummm...I LOVE it love it. Your pictures are great and you are so witty and smart...I already knew that but hearing in type makes you even smarter:)thanks for letting me in on your secret!!