Saturday, June 14, 2008

A week later...but there are a lot!

Yay! It has been a year since Alan and I got hitched, so to celebrate Alan suprised me with a trip to Catalina. It was SO much fun. It was relaxing and we got to do lots of fun things. I had never been there before...turns out I love it!
We found this funny and random. Apparently this dog likes minature golf or is an advertising worked for Alan and I we went minature golfing after this.

We went on a glass bottom boat ride. It was fun but I don't think I like fish very mich at least not the ugly ones. There was this cute little boy sitting next to me though he couldn't have been more than two, he apparently likes nemo's a lot judging by his excited sqeals.

We went parasailing...and loved it! It was different then I expected, very peaceful kinda like floating very high up. My toes get very cold but it was worth it. I am so thankful that Alan and I got to go on this trip. It was a great time just to be together and not have to do anything. I think it was good that we got to do it before the summer really started, we are going into it nice and refreshed. We haven't been home one night since we got back, but it's great I am really excited about all our summer events. The Lord is so good. He blesses us at just the right time!

We did a lot more fun things... but it takes to long to upload pictures :) The best thing about all of the activities we did was that we were together! I love love love spending time with my husband. I love Catalina... but I definately love him more!

So our first year! A lot of people asked how it went. I am pretty sure we couldn't have had a better first year. It was so fun and I saw us both grow a lot. Do you want to know what I have learned? Here's a little list. I love list's... especially to do lists that look cute and get done!

1. I have learned a bit more about dying to myself, but I'm sure God is still working that one out in me!

2. I learned that you actually have to set the kitchen timer for it to go off.

3. I have learned a lot more about time management!

4. I have learned that linolium sucks to clean.

5. That God's timing is absolutely perfect.

6. That He know's exactly what I need to become more and more like His son and He's going to do what He wants with me, and why can't I learn the first time?

7. That Alan gives wonderful amazing presents that I absolutely love!

8. That living with someone and knowing they see your every flaw actually helps me a lot.

9. That Alan is more amazing of a husband then I could have imagined.

10. That the laundry won't fold itself sitting on our couch.

11. Guys are a little weird.

12. That you can actually get locked in your apartment from the inside.

13. Eggs make my stomach hurt.

14. That church family is amazing and I don't know how people could live without one!

15. Awkward moments happen and they are really funny to retell.

16. Promotion sunday is kinda sad...especially when you lose those kids you love!

17. God's got the whole world in His hands :) He's gonna work everything out for His glory in the end. So I just pray and trust.

18. My mom is wonderful (I knew this before, but it's been especially true this year) and one of the strogest women in the whole world!

19. That being young is wonderful and encouraging!

20. At the same time I can't wait to grow old...Lord willing.

All joking aside, this has been an amazing year! We have learned A LOT about being in ministry so much so that looking back I am shocked at how much God threw at us. I am so glad He helps us through what He gives us. I have learned a lot about being a wife, friend, daughter, and sister. I am so excited for this next year and whatever God brings!

“He said to me, "You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendor.” Isaiah 49:3


CD said...

Hey Anna, really gooder pictures!! You are so talented!! Also, your list is great!! I'm still learning all that stuff too.

Cathy said...

This blog made me cry. I have learned a few things about you guys by watching you in the past year.

1. You two are great together.
2. You listen to God and try your hardest to obey Him.
3. You are not afraid of change and risk. (Okay, food might be the exception.:)
4. You are a great example to the younger people in your life. Even older ones could learn a few things from you!
5. You listen to and even ask counsel from those older than you.

I love you guys!