Saturday, October 4, 2008


We were in IL for 3 weeks for some international training...the midwest is definately a different culture :) We had a blast on our trip, we loved training and loved visiting our friend Alex in Chicago! He and his girlfriend Rochelle took us around all day and showed us the sites. It poured for most of the day, so Ididn't want to bring my camera, but I also wanted pictures so these are all from a disposable camera, that's why their quality is lacking. Our trip into Chicago was super you can see, I liked the bean.

This is The's not really called that, but everyone does call it that...does that make sense? Oh's a quirckly peice of "art" right buy millenium park.
This is the four of us from the left: me, Alan, Rochelle, and Alex. This is our reflection in the bean thingy.
This another quirky peice of "art". They have two cubes (I'm standing next to the other one) they can put different faces on them and it's like a video recording of the faces so they smile and wink. Sometime one face morphs into another one, they can also spit out water like that...
The magical mile (that's really what it's called). It's like the shopping district in down town, it has some good stores!

I think this is the sears tower up in those clouds, it was really rainy and cloudy so we didn't go up, we couldn't have seen anything.
They were having a Celtic festival, so we watched some of the festivities.
At the celtic festival we saw a Scottish strong man competetion, and lots of celtic things to buy, some bag pipers piping, and also a herding demonstration (see above) it was a sheep dog, with ducks...I know weird right. The dog still did a great job...not sure why they didn't just use real sheep but whatever, I am sure they have ducks in scotland.


Jill said...

It is always neat to see pics of blocks lined with skyscrapers. I think your pics turned out nicely.

G-Unit said...

Thanks for posting it was fun to see some of your pics. Miss you, sure you're super busy but I can't wait to hang out!