Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May day...

Today is May 1st! Known here as May Day! I am not sure what goes on in other parts of the country but in Oxford there are folk Irish dancers, and the choir from one of the colleges sings on their roof at dawn and then go and jump off of a famous bridge (we hear that almost every year someone breaks their legs from doing this). Why you might ask...TRADITION! (pretend I sang that last part like Tevia from Fiddler...k) Tradition is huge here. I have a number of times (already) gotten the answer of tradition when asking a question about why something is done.
We had fun taking pictures around town today.

This is Corn Market street, the main street with plenty of shops and arcades (an arcade is an alley way lined with more shops and cafes).

This is a recreation of the Bridge of Sighs, it connects class rooms to the dormitories, I have actually been up there, thanks to an inside connection. I think it is either at Hartford College or University College, I can't quite remember.
These pictures were all taken in down town Oxford. I don't want to mislead (or disappoint you if you ever come visit), this is not the area we live in, we will be living in the Botley area of Oxford. It is no where near this impressive, it's a residential area. I will try to post again soon, but now it's late and I'm tired.


G-Unit said...

Unbelievable. I am not even going to show Danny...he will be so jealous. I love that first one! Please don't jump off any bridges!

Christine Rideout said...

Thank you for posting pictures. It is wonderful to see the city where you are living. It looks like so much fun!! I love you and look forward to hearing about your new home.

CD said...

Neat-o pictures!! Hope you guys are so good.