Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meet Odysseus

This is Odysseus our car :) I like naming our cars. My first car was named Henry, after we got married I named Alan's car Marco (after Marco polo...he was a little car and sometimes we lost him in the sea of SUV's). This is Odysseus we call him Odie. I was going for an adventurous name. We like him a lot, and it is a blessing to have him. We were unsure if we would be able to get a car, we are so thankful to have him!
British driving, hasn't been to bad at all. Mostly Alan drives, I have actually only practiced a couple of times and "really" driven once. Alan is doing great, the first time he drove in England is when we drove this car off the lot! Roundabout's were a little weird to get use to but he conquered them pretty quickly. Alan says it's still weird to back up looking over his left shoulder but he feels pretty comfortable otherwise. I did fine that one time :) We just don't drive that often. We can walk to the majority of places we need to go. That is something I really enjoy about living here, it's much more of a walking culture, mostly everyone walks. I know I have said this but seriously this week, I will try to post more of our every day lives. :)


G-Unit said...

I don't care what you could be you flossing your teeth and I would be happy! I love your car, congrats!

Cathy said...

Great name! We're ready to go on more adventures with you guys! Thanks for posting again. We think about you all the time and pray for you - and check your blog!

The Jackson's said...

NICE! Ody looks super nice. It's so awesome how God has hooked you up, I mean blessed you! Love you, miss you!!