Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"A foggy day in London town..."

On our way into London :) We had a really great day! Pretty much everything was a blessing, we found lots of things in London that we weren't even looking for and everything we were looking for as well. I wish I could describe what an awesome day this was, I am still smiling.
The ice skating rink in front of The Natural History Museum, it was so much fun. I don't have any pics of us on the ice (because you can't take camera's in) but we had a blast, especially since neither of us fell.
(Below) I love the hummingbird bakery cook book, so I was really excited when we stumbled across the actual bakery! They have some really yummy stuff.
Ok, you will need to control your excitement, I know it will be hard but you just have to wait...
Ahhhhhhh!!! We are SO excited, can you believe your eyes? We almost can't...but we do. They are opening up Chipotle's first international Chipotle in London! Oh we'll be back! It opens in's almost cruel to have us wait that long, but I am willing to let it slide for that goodness. I was and still am seriously giddy, eeek our "own" Chipotle only an hour away. Hmmm April, I wonder what we'll be doing on Alan's birthday?
They are also looking for more locations in London, and they eventually want to open stores in Paris and other parts of Europe...after all no place should be deprived of this stuff.
Love you all, Happy Christmas Eve! (It is technically Christmas Eve here :)


G-Unit said...

Jesus loves you.

The Jackson's said...

Chipotle dropped from heaven just for you!! Encouragement from God to hang on just a few more months. You should take your Oxford kids on a fieldtrip.