Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blenheim Palace...because the sun came out.

Went to Blenheim palace on Saturday to be out in the sun. Our first English winter really hasn't been too hard, we are just ready for the sun now. Alan is almost as white as me so that should tell you something. It may be sunny but it was still cold! We did have a great time walking around and enjoying our free pass to Blenheim. We walked around the gardens, rode the train, went through the maze, through the butterfly house, and finally sat down for a nice cup of tea (We are officially English ;)
Here are some pictures from the Butterfly house. The cool thing about caterpillars/butterflies is that when they are in the cocoon everything but there heart turns into goo then they are reconstructed into butterflies. Hmmm...sounds like intelligent design to me.

The maze was fun, it is supposedly the second biggest hedge maze in the world but we did it in like 15 min. So either we were just extremely good at mazes or they just don't make hedge mazes like they used to ;)
I hope that this sunshine sticks around!


CD said...

Gosh you kids are cute!! Good times.

JanuskieZ said...

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Whitney said...

I love you so much!!!!!!!!!! I miss you, remembering Easter with Alan's family years ago and that picture we took right before, I love you friend! You are a blessing to me! HE HAS RISEN!!!

Kathryn said...

Beautiful. I love that you guys have so much fun together :) And you had TEA!! That's fantastic :) I showed Lily the butterfly pics. Those are amazing. Intelligent design for sure.