Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach = Summer

Just a pit stop before the beach to pick up some easy beach food. 

We had been waiting and waiting for the perfect beach day. We had been busy on all the warm sunny days and it was too cold or not sunny at all on the days we could actually go. Finally warm and available met and we hurried down to the coast. 

These are all over the coast here. You can buy them or rent them. They're a little base of operations on the beach. I think they are a great idea, now if only they were free. :) 

Ok not a beach pic. Only 32 days until my due date!!! Woohoo :) can't wait to meet this little man. 
Things to remember: 
Si wiggles and squirms ALL the time. My whole belly moves around and contorts into weird shapes when he's on the move. I look like I have an alien inside me…and I love it. 
I've been getting Braxton hicks for about 6 weeks but it took me about 2 weeks to realise what they were. 
My hatred for eggs is finally waning. I'm able to cook them for Alan now. I made some egg fried rice the other day and the eggs actually tasted good! I still won't be making myself an omelette any time soon but baby steps right? 
Alan is Mr. Prepared in general but especially right now. The nursery is done and the car seat is in the car! We still have four more weeks. Hahaha
We have been so so so blessed by our family and friends. Can't believe how The Lord has used them to provide so abundantly for our little man! 
A man stopped in the street the other day to stare at my belly and all he said was "whoa!" and then kept walking. Ummmm…what? I know I'm sporting a pretty big preggo belly but dang! I'm going to pretend like he was thinking, "Whoa! What an awesome pregnant woman she is." Seems plausible right? ;)
I may have the worst case of baby brain ever! I forget everything! Loose track of time constantly and can never remember why I've walked into a room. Poor Alan I think he'd like a dinner that wasn't slightly burnt sometime soon. I can't even remember anything else even though I know I think all the time, Oh I should write this down so I don't forget anything about this time.

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CD said...

I love these pics and I'm sooooo excited for you!! Can't wait to "meet" Si. :)