Monday, January 13, 2014


Well I just can't believe it's been 3 months since he was born. Feels like yesterday that we were waiting for him to arrive. Going on walks, eating spicy foods, bouncing on that Swiss ball, tea's, you name it we tried it all well except for castor oil, yuck. 
Let's see right now he loves his play mat, sucking on his thumb, grabbing everything and sticking it in his mouth and daddy. He's laughed three times all at his daddy, I'm not getting jealous... Well maybe a little. I have tried everything! I'm just not as funny apparently. ;) 
He dislikes baths and his car seat. 
He seems huge to me! He's definitely lost that new baby look and is like a man! Ok maybe I exaggerate but to me he's so different already. I wish he could stay my little baby forever but since he can't I'll just enjoy watching him grow. I can't believe I get to be his mommy, best job ever! 

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