Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthdays, Beaches, and Berthiaume's

Gary's 60th Birthday was on the 4 of July, so the whole family headed up to Morro Bay for a couple days. It was great we were about a 2 minuet walk from the beach. Here are some pics...

Ethan and I

They were so cute! And I think a little emabarrassed about this kiss being caught on camera, but all there boys said they wanted a copy of this.

I asked Gary and Keith to take off their glasses so there wouldn't be a flare in the picture. Gary started pretending he was blind and grabbing Alan's face. I'm not exactly sure why Kevin is grabbing the air though...

This boy is to photogenic, seriously it's almost impossiable to take a bad picture of him. Lock up your daughters people...

Cammy, she's always being a ham but once the camera comes out she gets shy.

Alan being a little brother...

...and Andrew being a big brother!

The birthday guy.


Sisters in law


Mama Berthiaume

This is Alan's dog Rocky. Rocky lives in Bakersfeild with his parents but whenever Alan is around you know where Rocky's loyalties are, he loves Alan to death!

Alan doesn't like this picture so much...but I do...shhh don't tell him I posted it.

Andrew & Carolyn


G-Unit said... a post...great pictures...and i love the one of you! Were we supposed to get together today?

Cathy said...

I love this post. You will treasure those pictures and memories from that time. Makes me wish we lived closer to my family...