Friday, November 7, 2008

The Berthiaume's D-Day

Sorry, there haven't been very many posts of late. We have been busy! Man who knew so much went into moving almost half way around the world? I didn't...yep I can be naive...I know your shocked right? :) Well, there are a lot of things we'd like to do before we leave sunny CA, which our list is to long (and expensive) to actually conquer before we go, but we are going to do as much as we can. So this past week we went down to the Discovery museum in Santa Ana. It's pretty fun, we of course were like the oldest people trying out the exhibits :) But it doesn't take a lot of time so we decided hey we're like less then 10min away from this is a picture story of our Discovery/Disney day...or D-day.
Alan air guitaring to Chicago (the band not the musical) Um...I love it. At least we entertain the other people on the free way, or we just scare them I'm not sure which :D

Alan is using his mad skills with "The Force". I know Jayden would appreciate this. Speaking of...this week I was watching some kids at church and we were talking about our favorite songs. All of them were typical little kids church songs, except for one...and oh Cari I knew your kids were cute, but Jayden took it up a notch. He was the last one to speak up about his favorite song but he was very excited to tell us that his favorite song is the Darth Vader melody. Yep and then proudly sang it for us, you know the Da Da Da Daaaaa. It was so cute.

Alan doing an impersonation of...a raptor I think?
Me inside of a big kaleidoscope that had tons of little fingerprints on it... pretty sweet :)

Alan and kiddo there apparently didn't get enough candy during Halloween.

We went into CA Adventures for only one ride, but it's the sweetest ride there...that's right Toy Story Mania. It might be Alan's new obsession. I like this pic, mickey mouse just got a whole lot cuter.


CD said...

Oh my word, my Jaydie made your blog!! I feel so famous!! Yes, Jayden is slightly obsessed with the Star Wars. I'm just praying he doesn't turn to the dark side; you know what I'm saying? Anyhow, super cute pics and Allan does a sweet raptor.

Jill said...

At least they don't honk at you on the freeway for playing air they think we are breaking the law and bring it to everyone's attention:) Love the "force" picture.