Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fa La La-ing with a little bahumbug

We had a great Christmas! It was really relaxed and fun. Alan and I woke up in the morning and read God's word, opened presents, made breakfast, it was all very leisurely. It was nice for it to be just us in the morning. Then we went to my mom's and opened more presents, went to see a movie, and had Christmas dinner with the Bartletts. (which they do every year, it's a tradition) We finished off the evening with what might be the longest game of beyond balderdash ever! All in all it was a great Christmas :)

Mother & Daughters


Do you like the shirt we got Kira?
Seriously if you have never been around Mrs Bartlet & my mom at the same time you have too! They are totally silly together! They laugh a ton and make others laugh a ton too.

My bebe playing with his new video camera.
OK, now for the Ba new camera lens that I got for Christmas broke! :( sigh
I was really shocked, I had only had it for two days! We are going to see if we can return it, because it must have been defective to break that quickly with me doing anything to it! So that's my little Ba humbug. I'll let you know if we can get it replaced.

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CD said...

Awww, hon, that's terrible!! Was it the 50? Sorry about that. You gotta have one of those. It's the best one. Also, I really like Kira's shirt. Nice job.