Friday, November 20, 2009

It has to be chronological!!!

I am sorry I know you must be expecting pictures of my mum and sister visiting and don't get me wrong I have got them, but I have to keep it chronological. Stay tuned for future blogs soon about their visit. I won't let it be so long in between posts.

I started my new job about 3 weeks ago and on my first day this was waiting for me when I got home :) My oh so wonderful husband made a yummy dinner for us. I am so blessed to be his wife!

I am working at an after school program. One day I made pretzels with the kids and of course we needed to make sure they worked!!! ;) This is the result, I think Alan kinda showed me up! That is an XBOX controller. These were pretty yummy as well and super easy to make.


G-Unit said...

Finally! It is good to see your faces! Don't keep the goodness from us anymore! You have to give the people what they want!

CD said...

A girl after my own heart!! I totally get the whole chronological thing. Don't ever let it go!! Stay true to yourself. Cute pictures, keep it coming.

The Jackson's said...

I am definitely going to make sure David sees this one. Maybe he'll get an idea or 2. You guys are so cute!!!