Sunday, November 22, 2009

My mom is Santa, or at least one of his helpers.

My mom brought a whole suitcase full of fun presents!!! We felt so loved and were very blessed! Alan got hooked up with the mac n cheese and he's already had a batch.

Hallie used chipotle bags to wrap our presents :)

Look at this bag of Swedish Fish!!! I will be set for a while! This is our suitcase o' presents. Thanks so much everyone for all the gifts it was such a blessing, I can't thank you enough!


CD said...

I was gonna send my delectable cookies but wasn't on the ball enough to do that. So sorry. Next time for sure!!

G-Unit said...

Seriously, I love getting to see you. Maybe you should take your picture bi-weekly and just post yourself. All the time Anna!

The Jackson's said...

I agree with H to the G. I'm so glad you guys felt blessed!!