Friday, September 3, 2010

Truth 4 Youth

Here are just a few pictures from the summer youth camp we took our kids too. It was an amazing weekend filled with great teaching and spiritual growth.

Well we are back from summer camp, and so tired. We had a wonderful trip, everything went really smoothly and the teaching was amazing! I have to say this might be my favourite camp ever.  I was shocked at how sound the teaching was, it really was very edifying for our youth (and me too). The kids loved Carl Kirby from AiG, they were talking about his talks all week! Paul Wilkinson, whom I'd never heard speak before, was amazing. I think it was the clearest talk I have ever heard on Revelation. Another thing that impressed me was the amount of time we spent in the word, most of the time was spent in group or mini-group sessions, which was hard for a couple of the younger kids but worth it. I seriously could go on and on about the teaching. Well I think you get the picture....we had a really good time. 


Christine Rideout said...

Yay!!! Praise God for the trip going so well!! That is a nice size group for you to take as well. Great to see four girls in the group!! Love you sweetheart!!


The Jackson's said...

So...I haven't looked at your blog in forever. I LOVE seeing your kids!! That is so awesome that camp was so great!