Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr McAvoy

 So "they" (whoever they are)  have been filming in Oxford all week. On Wednesday while we were waiting for my photography class to start (woowhoo) we ran into some filming while walking around town. Things are often shot in Oxford, but usually it's just a few scenes here and there. but they have been all over the place shooting loads and loads. 

We were having fun just poking around walking in the middle of their sets etc...hey they weren't stopping us. I am convinced it's because I looked like a legit photographer. What? Ok, humour me :)

James McAvoy (I knew him from The Last King of Scotland) just standing there waiting for them to make up their minds whether to shoot the scene again or not. It's funny what they use in filming. For this scene they have transformed this door that just leads in building for student accommodations into the entrance for a pub.
We were watching a different movie earlier in the summer during which there is a chase scene (that they shot in Oxford), Alan and I couldn't help but laugh because they are running down a dead end street. Ahh the magic of movies, nothing is ever as it seems. 

Mr. McAvoy again, (with an actress actress also in the movie)

Lately I have taken a lot of pictures with intent on blogging but have been super busy, and hence super tired. Hopefully as my class gets into full swing I will post more pictures, or just get around to the ones I've skipped. Can you believe it's practically October! 


G-Unit said...

Listen, I live an hour from I get to see famous people...nooooo! I would rather see you though honestly! I miss your face!

Christine Rideout said...

Kira showed me the actor on Penelope DVD. That is fun that you get to see him and more fun that you were able to rome around the set with your camera.

The Jackson's said...

That is super cool. OF COURSE you look legit...2 legit to quit! If David asks you what I want for Christmas tell him I want a camera like yours...and clothes!