Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Good Stuff

That's right people! We finally went to chipotle in London, and let me tell you it was good :) Tasted just like chipotle in America. It was also good to see it really busy because hopefully that means they will stick around over here. We seriously debated going back there for dinner, but London's a big place and we weren't anywhere near it . It makes me want to go to London all the time though. Not that I ever turn down an offer to go there.

The inside was only slightly different still has the same metallic tables but not the same kind of art or exposed feel to the rest of it. Also the font was different, but whatever it tasted so delicious. I would have eaten chipotle out of a shady ice cream truck if it tasted the same!

PS the rest of London was awesome too....hopefully pictures of that will come soon.


Christine Rideout said...

I am glad you have your favorite restaurant in England. God is very much in the details!!

Love You!

The Jackson's said...

I haven't been to Chipotle since you left! I'm fasting it until you get beck...or until David takes me there...whichever comes first. See how much I miss you?