Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I love these crazy girls! I don't know where Kira and I get our silliness from. It couldn't be from our dear mother, oh no. (insert mischievous grin) They're the banana's to my peanut butter sandwich. What??? Those are the yummiest!
My mom is so supportive of me. She always backs me up when I (and now Alan too) think God wants me to do something even when it's hard for her. I really appreciate that about her. 
It was the crazy one on the left's (AKA my mom) bday on Sunday! Happy Birthday mama, hope you know how much I love you and wish you the happiest year yet! xxx


CD said...

Really loving these updates hon!! You girls are cute and Happy Birthday to your Momma. :)

Sandra said...

You all are cute!