Monday, August 13, 2012


 Last September we went to Scotland (It seems a lot longer ago) It was pretty awesome. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We stayed in a little village close to Edinburgh. I can't wait to go up higher into Scotland it's suppose to be even more beautiful. 

No trip to Scotland is complete without some bagpipes. 

Edinburgh is a beautiful city. 

One thing that I noticed right away was how dark the older building are. They are made of a really dark stone found in Scotland. The buildings in Oxford are much lighter. It gave the city a completely different feel, kind of spooky.

We went on lots of walks around Peebles (The village we stayed in) They were nice and relaxing and saying it was gorgeous is an understatement. 

Seriously pictures cannot do it justice. 

This is a highland cow. Pretty much the funniest cows ever. Not only are they super shaggy they are only about waist height. Think ewok meets midget cow.The first time I ever encountered a highland cow was in a children's book I was reading to my friends son and I thought it was a dog.  Since he was only 2 he might be confused between dogs and cows now. Opps. 

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