Monday, May 12, 2008

Lazy days & Suprises

I randomly entered a photo contest, and then accidently was one of the winners. I entered a photo of Caleb (8 months old) He was chosen as one of America's most beautiful baby's. Lol. But it was a suprising letter to get in the mail today!

Today Alan & I had a wonderful day! We had a lazy day :) We stayed in our around in our pj's until like 3:30, that why there isn't any pictures of us! We also made some yummy chocolate chip cookies!. It was so good to have a day together and just relax. Last week was crazy busy.



CD said...

Oh Anna, sweet Anna!! I love the fact that I can see one of the fabulous bowls I got you for your wedding in one of your pics. Also, your pics are really good and you should post the picture that you won with. Thank you.

A & A said...

Yep, Cari I love those bowls! They are one of my favorite's presents!Ok, I will post that one tonight probably. Love you!

I absolutely love getting comments! I don't know why, but I have gotten three coments in two days, and I love it!!!