Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can I really have only been to San Diego once?

I know right! I have only been to San Diego once! Weird huh? I went down to San Diego wit my friend Rachel. Her family lives down there. It was really fun. I am glad I finally got to go!

Under the pier.

Rachel (right) and I (left). It's funny it was weird to me just put our names in order because I am sure someone would have commented on the grammatical error of "me and Rachel" (Cough..husband, hehe cough cough)

I couldn't believe how close this pelican let me get. I know there is some zoom to a 50mm but not that much. I also couldn't get over how ugly these things were up close, yuck! It was all greasy looking and it had these gross claws on the end of it's beak. Pelicans always look so graceful in flight over the ocean. Oh well :-)
PS I just want to make sure everyone knows that lost is on tonight!!! Woowhoo!

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The Jackson's said...

I MISS U!! That was sooooo fun. And to almost didn't come...and your wallet almost didn't make it back!! Thanks for NOT putting a pic of me while I was getting my haircut...Diana Ross triangle!! Love you!