Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sad Day Friend...Not Really

Ok, Ok, Ok, it's not wasn't such a bad day. I have definitely had worse. Sunday was my day of teaching the 2 &3 year old Sunday school class. It was really fun, and they were really cute. This week they were all so good, and such good listeners. Last week was insane!!! Fire Alarms and toddlers don't mix :-D. Then later that day our car broke down! I hate car problems. But luckily I have an amazing husband who knows how to look at a car and call our road side assistance ;) he he. Isn't he cute! We "just" had to have our starter replaced. (It could have been much worse). It wasn't really a bad day though. I really love my sweet kids (sniff, sniff), I got to have lunch with one of my bestest friends, my husband is soo cute, and I went to San Diego that night. (Not in our car). So my day was sad but not really, God still blesses me when things are going wrong and I don't deserve it!

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CD said...

Oh my word, you got my boys to stand and smile for a picture?!?! How do you do it? You'll have to train me up in the way that I should go. Cute pics.