Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Downtown Oxford during a snow storm is what I imagine the setting of a Dickens novel to be like. It is so enchanting. Buildings older than the USA covered in snow.
A classic British icon.
Doesn't he look cold?
We walked downtown during a brief hiatus in the snow, it is now back to flurries :)
I love snowwwwww!!!
We had so many layers on today! Undershirts, thermals, hoodies, and our oh so warm and wonderful waterproof jackets. (a must in the UK, thanks again Gary & Judy. Those jackets have kept us very cozy!)
Snow Angels
This view of Christ Church always looks stunning, but I love it even more in the snow. I don't think I have ever walked by this spot when there wasn't at least one tourist taking pictures. Which means there is always someone there to take your picture :)

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KV said...

It looks so beautiful!