Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas & New Year

This is Christmas morning at the Berthiaume flat, squishy faced, tired eyes, hair a mess...and all smiles.
New Years Eve 2009! We went down to London to bring in the new year/new decade with thousands of people we didn't know. Needless to say it was pretty fun :)
(Below) This is our first picture of the New Year!!!

So after the fireworks and everyone singing Auld Lang Syne. We noticed some ash falling from the sky, we thought it was just from the fireworks. Then as we walked away from West Minster, and were a few blocks away the "ash" kept growing bigger and began sticking to us, then we (along with the hundreds of people walking down the street) realized that it was snowing!!! It was the perfect end to a fun night, and a fun way to start the new decade. The picture below is right after we realized it was snowing, you can sort of see some of the flakes and maybe my tonsils ;)

This is just a video of when Big Ben struck midnight. You can kind of hear the chimes of Big Ben between the fireworks.


CD said...

Golly, that must have been soooo fun!! Happy New Year youngins!!

The Jackson's said...

That is soooo fun Anna! How romantic that it snowed. I love the hat. I really miss you!!

G-Unit said...

Sometimes when you post (not that I'm complaining mind you) Danny and I have a momentary fit of jealous rage. It's just for a moment. It looks unbelievaable. And how cute are you? I miss your tonsils.