Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Snow Friends

Our snow dog thing...haha ok it doesn't exactly look like a dog. It's hard! We did manage to support the entire body on four individual legs.
Snow penguin, his eyes are green beens and his nose is a frozen french fry.

Ok, so we didn't make one. There was a ton of snowmen all over town. If you have to come to work while everyone else got a snow day you might as well make a snowman in front of your work. This one was outside a college kitchen. The staff that made this starting waving at us while we were admiring their work.


CD said...

You have a real gift here. I've never seen such creations with snow.

G-Unit said...

I wish I had snow! You sure are Cute!

Whitney said...

I miss you so much!!!! Phone date asap!!!